Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I Paste Wallpapers On Cemented And Damp Walls ?


  2. What Is The Minimum Cost Of Roll Of Wallpaper ?

    3500 Per Roll

  3. How Much Does It Cost To Wallpaper A Room In Pakistan?

    For 12 X 12 Room. You Would Need 10 To 12 Wallpaper Rolls. Wallpaper Cost Will Be 35000 To 42000 PKR with pasting.

  4. Can I Install Wallpapers On Graphy Walls Or Rock Walls ?

    No. You Need To First Clear The Wall And Get The Base Ready, Then You Can Have Wallpapers On Those Walls.

  5. What Is The Price Of 3d Wallpaper In Pakistan?

    The Price Of 3d Wallpaper In Pakistan Is Starting From 3500

  6. How to Calculate rolls & price for my room?

    How many rolls of wallpaper rolls do you need for a room or wall. 50 sqft is the covered area of each roll. To calculate rolls of wallpaper for a wall. First you need to know the width and height of your wall in foot. For example 10 feet x 10 feet wall size= 100 sqft. 100 sqft÷50 sqft = 2 rolls will be required. To calculate wallpaper price, 2 rolls x price per roll + pasting charges. 2 rolls x 3000 + 1000 = total 8000 .You can calculate how much wallpaper will cost for a full room, same way by calculating each wall.

  1. What is a Pelmet in window blinds?

    A pelmet is a decorative piece that sits on top of a window blind. It covers the top of the blind and the mechanism, giving the blind a finished look and hiding any unsightly hardware.

  2. Describe zebra blinds?

    Zebra blinds, also known as sheer shades or dual roller shades, are a type of window treatment that combines the functionality of roller blinds with the aesthetic of sheer curtains. They consist of two layers of fabric: a sheer layer that allows natural light to filter into the room, and a solid layer that can be lowered or raised to control privacy and light. The two layers are mounted on separate rollers and can be adjusted independently, allowing the user to customize the amount of light and privacy in the room. The name "zebra blind" comes from the alternating stripes of sheer and solid fabric, which resemble the stripes of a zebra. The sheer layer typically allows for a diffused light, creating a soft and natural light in the room. They are available in a wide range of colors and designs and can be operated manually or motorized. They are suitable for both residential and commercial settings and can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, or even office spaces.